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Product No.35505 POLARIE Star Tracker (Catalog No. 1024 p.34)
Product No.35505 POLARIE Star Tracker (Catalog No. 1024 p.34)
Baht 12,000

Product No.35505 POLARIE Star Tracker (Catalog No. 1024 p.34)

What is Polarie?

The Vixen Polarie is a totally new photographic accessory which easily allows you to take pinpoint photos of stars and constellations. It is designed to follow the apparent motion of the stars caused by the earth's rotation, eliminating star trails.

With use of the Polarie, taking wide filed photographic images of constellations, the Milky Way, shooting stars and bright comets is surprisingly simple and easy.

Polarie also enables you to photograph starry nightscapes by adding a night landscape or silhouetted figure in the foreground of your frame. We name it "Star-Scape" photography.

•The Polarie sets up in less than a minute, even for users not familiar with the direction of the celestial pole at your location. Simply turn the Polarie in the direction of the Polestar in the northern hemisphere (or south celestial pole in the southern hemisphere) using the compass, tilt-meter and polar sight hole that are all provided with the Polarie.

•The Polarie is designed to work with your photographic lens that takes wide-angle shots of constellations.

•The Polarie can work for more than 2 consecutive hours with two AA-size alkaline batteries.

•You can take the ultra-compact and lightweight Polarie anywhere with you to creating stunning images of the night skies and "Star-Scapes".

Polarie Specifications

Polarie Star Tracker  
Type  :Ultra compact (equatorial) tracking platform
Tracking Mode  :Celestial tracking rate. 1?2 of celestial tracking rate. Solar tracking rate
                        (Mean solar time).
                        Lunar tracking rate (Mean lunar time) : Usable in both northern and
                        southern hemispheres
Wheel gear  :57.6mm dia.aluminum alloy axis with full-circle 144-tooth
Worm gear  :9mm dia. high tension brass
Bearings      :2 pieces
Drive           :Pulse Motor (Stepper Motor)
Maximum Loading weight  :2.0kg (4.4 lbs)
Polar sight hole  :About 8.9? field of view
Tilt meter  :Angles between 0? and 70? (5? increments)
Standard accessory  :Compass
Working voltage  :2 ? AA-size battery : DC2.4-3.0V
External power supply : DC4.4-5.25V
Operating temperature  :0 degree to 40 degrees C (104 F)
Electricity consumption  :DC3V.0.4A at a loading weight of 2.0kg (4.4 lbs)
Duration of operation  :About 2 hours : At 20 C (68 F) degrees temperature, a 2.0kg
                                 (4.4 lbs) loading weight with use of Alkaline batteries
Dimensions   :95?137?58mm (3.7?5.9?2.3 inches)
Weight          :740g (26.1 oz) without batteries
Optional accessory  :A dedicated polar axis scope for Polarie

Tripod for Polarie (If purchased as a package)  
Model  :M-178V
Tripod legs  :4-section legs
Minimum tripod length  :555mm (22")
Working height  :Adjustable from 540mm to 1,780mm (21.2 to 70 inches)
Elevator pole extension  Geared part : 200mm (7.9"), Friction up and down part (Center
                                                       column) : 290mm (11 4")
Camera thread size  :UNC1?4 inch
Maximum Loading weight  :About 3.0kg (6.6 lbs)
Weight  Tripod : 1.98kg (4.3 lbs) without pan head
QHD-33 Ball head adapter : 130g (4.58 oz)
QHD-43 Ball head adapter : 158g (5.57 oz)
Standard accessory  :QHD-43 (Pre-installed on the tripod head) and QHD-33 Ball head adapters

?Specification and appearance may change without notice for an improvement.