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Peak Long Distance Microscope (5100) LDM-40
Peak Long Distance Microscope (5100) LDM-40

The Peak Long Distance Microscope (5100) LDM-40 consists of Wide Stand Microscope 40X and objective unit. The objects being inspected can be enlarged sharply at short distance of 200 mm as well as at a long distance.

How to use: First, set the distance from the LDM-40 to the object on the working distance mark shown on the side of barrel. Then, bring the object into focus by adjusting a helicoid ring.

A cross hair reticle is provided in the eye-piece of Wide Stand Microscope. For the objective we adopt collimating lens system. There is a hole on the lower part of this instrument to fix a supporting stand such as a tripod.

Visual inspection as well as measuring will be made easily when you use the supporting stand you like.

When you remove the objective unit from the microscope and attach an acrylic base to the body of the microscope you can use it as the Wide Stand Microscope 40X (pen light unit to be purchased separately).

Working distance 200mm, Magnification 27x, Visual field 5.5(Ø mm)
Working distance 300mm, Magnification 15x, Visual field 10(Ø mm)
Working distance 400mm, Magnification 10x, Visual field 15(Ø mm)
Working distance 500mm, Magnifiaction 8x, Visual field 19(Ø mm)

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Stand not included, threaded for a camera tripod.

Quantity discount: Less of 10% on orders $1,000.00 plus (Items of the same model).(Price confirmed on order confirmation).

  • Model: OPT-LDM-40
  • Manufactured by: Peak Optics