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Peak #2054 CIL Wide Stand Microscope
Peak #2054 CIL Wide Stand Microscope

The 2054CIL series provides illumination both by pen light and coaxial incident light. The illumination comes down from the inside of the microscope. This illumination systems is suitable for observing the objects which have a high rate of reflection

Peak Wide Stand Microscope is a simple measuring microscope designed to be compact and light weight, but characterized by a wider field of view than that of the conventional microscope. It allows not only to provide magnified view of fine pattern and contour of objects, but also to measure length and compare dimension by using a scale included in the eye-piece. Focusing by a smooth rack and pinion with knob on both providing a smooth action.

When you use the coaxial incident light illumination. pull the change knob toward you and set it at the position "IN" and turn on the outer power source switch.

When you use the pen light illumination, pull the change knob and set it at the position "OUT" and cut the outer power source switch. The illumination by pen light is available by turning on the pen light switch.

Peak Wide Stand Microscope II CIL/LED is the microscope based on Peak Wide Stand Microscope II CIL with a LED light source as its feature.

The 2054 series is also available in optical system of erect image (EIM).

Peak Wide Stand Microscope will be useful not only for the general observation but also for improving accuracy in precision machining and securing uniform quality in the inspection process.

2054 series Wide Stand Microscopes can be attached to a digital camera.
Interested in capturing images with a digital camera using your 2034 or 2054 series. We can provide a solution. Send an e-mail with your requirements including:

The PEAK microscope you have or are interested in purchasing and the make and model of the Digital Camera. We will recommend a set of adapters and quote accordingly

If you are also in the market for a new camera, we can recommend cameras that have adapters available and are compatible with the PEAK scopes.

Universal Camera Mount
The Universal Mount uses the camera's tripod thread to attach the camera. Micrometric X-Y controls make for quick and precise optical alignment over the microscope eyepiece. The lens is positioned to just meet the eyepiece for excellent quality photographs. The mount is held on to the microscope with a rubber padded non-marring clamp. Constructed of aluminum and rigid composites for very stable mounting. OPT-CMU