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TS-501-20x Offset 45 Degree
TS-501-20x Offset 45 Degree



Product Highlights

This Kowa scope is small in size but has enormous capability. The TS-500 series has a 50mm objective lens and is available with 2 different built in eyepieces, 20X or 20-40X zoom. There are 2 body design configurations, offset 45 degree and straight. In all there is a line up of 5 different scopes to choose from. The TS-500 series is the ideal go anywhere scope with unlimited applications, including use for observation and sporting events.

Light, Compact and Handy
Revolutionizing the image of telescopes by its design and weight, the TS-500 series adds more excitement and pleasure to your outdoor life. Suitable as a field watching learning tool for beginners or as a back-up scope for the professional, it is also designed to be used for archery and target shooting.

High Performance Design
Kowa has made the scope users dream come true by combining compactness and reliability into a lightweight, sharp, clear and bright spotting scope.

Object Sighting Line
Use the sight line for quick alignment when high magnification is used or when the object is small or indistinct.

Smooth Focusing
Kowa's "original" focusing knob design enables you to quickly focus with the use of one finger. The minimum focusing distance is 19.68 ft.

Built in Monopod or Tripod Mount Screw
Although hand held observation is possible, we recommend that you use a monopod or tripod when viewing at higher magnifications.

Effective Diameter of Objective Lens: 50mm
Focusing Range: 19.68 to Infinity
Scope Length: 9.6 inches
Scope Weight: 14.8 oz

Warranty: Lifetime of the product

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