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  • 8" EdgeHD optics
  • CGEM II computerized equatorial mount
  • Celestron's premium StarBright XLT coatings provide maximum light transmission
  • A 9x50 finderscope, 1.25" mirror diagonal for more comfortable viewing, and 1.25" 40 mm Pl?ssl eyepiece are all included
  • EdgeHD aplanatic, flat field SCT optics for pinpoint stars to the edge of the largest imaging sensors and widest eyepieces.  Lightweight and portable
  • Aluminum optical tube with tube vents featuring an integrated 95-micron mesh filter allows hot air to be released from behind the primary mirror. Mirror support knobs hold the mirror in place and reduce image shift during imaging
  • Versatile design accommodates 3 focal ratios: native f/10, f/7 with the addition of a focal reducer, or ultra-fast f/2 imaging with a removable secondary mirror and third-party accessories
  • 40 lbs payload capacity
  • Dual-fit Vixen/CG-5 and Losmandy/CGE dovetail saddle
  • 2" steel legs with height index marks for quick leveling
  • USB 2.0 port on hand control for direct links to a PC via ASCOM supported software.
  • 40,000 object database with over 100 user-definable objects and expanded information on over 200 objects
  • Internal cabling throughout for worry-free remote operation
  • Low cog DC Servo motor with integrated optical encoders offer smooth, quiet operation
  • Able to track past the meridian allowing seamless imaging
  • Permanent periodic error corrections allow users to train out the worm gears periodic errors once, while the mount retains the PEC recordings.
  • Software Features include: Mount Calibration, Database Filter Limits, Hibernate, five Alignment Procedures, and user-defined slew limits
  • Built-in polar alignment program to polar align on any star in the sky
  • Longer clutch levers to make tightening and loosening of clutches easier
  • Custom database lists of all the most famous deep-sky objects by name and catalog number
  • Solar System alignment method allows to view the moon and planets during the day
  • Permanent Programmable Periodic Error Correction (PEC) corrects periodic tracking errors inherent to all worm drives
  • Custom Rate 9 feature allows to set maximum slew rate
  • Tandem mode allows to star align the mount even when positioned for tandem scope use
  • RS-232 communication port on hand control to control the telescope via a personal computer
  • Includes NexRemote telescope control software, for advanced control of telescope via computer
  • Precision machined 40 mm diameter steel Polar shafts supported by multiple tapered roller bearings and ball bearings
  • GPS-compatible with optional SkySync GPS Accessory

    Optical Tube Info:
    Optical DesignEdgeHD
    Aperture (mm)203.2 mm (8 in)
    Focal Length2032 mm (80 in)
    Focal Ratio10
    Focal Length of Eyepiece 1 (mm)40 mm (1.57 in)
    Magnification of Eyepiece 151 x
    Star Diagonal1.25
    Optical TubeAluminum
    Highest Useful Magnification480 x
    Lowest Useful Magnification29 x
    Limiting Stellar Magnitude14
    Resolution (Rayleigh)0.69 arc seconds
    Resolution (Dawes)0.57 arc seconds
    Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye)843 x
    Secondary Mirror Obstruction2.7 in (69 mm)
    Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter34%
    Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area11%
    Optical CoatingsStarBright XLT
    Optical Tube Length17 in (432 mm)
    Optical Tube Weight14 lbs (6.35 kg)
    Dovetail CompatibilityCGE Mount
    Mount Info:
    Mount TypeGerman Equatorial Mount
    Tripod2" Steel tripod with graduated markings on lower section
    Dovetail Mount Directly connects to both CG-5 & CGE dovetail bars
    Payload Capacity40 lbs
    Latitude Range15? - 70?
    Power Requirements 12 VDC, 3.2 amps
    Ports1x Hand control port, 1x Auxiliary Port, 1x Auto guider port, 1 USB 2.0 port (on hand control)
    Motor DriveLow cog DC servo motors
    Slew Speeds9 slew speeds
    Tracking RatesSidereal, Solar and Lunar
    Tracking ModesEQ North and EQ South
    Alignment ProceduresAutoAlign, 2-Star Align, Quick Align, 1-Star Align, Last Alignment, Solar System Align
    Computerized Hand ControlDouble line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttons, USB 2.0 port for PC connection
    Database40,000+ objects, 100 user defined programmable objects. Enhanced information on over 200 objects
    Mount Weight40 lbs
    Tripod Weight20 lbs
    Weight of Counterweight1 x 17 lbs counterweight
    Total Weight of Mount Kit77 lbs