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Product No. 39989 AP Photo Guider Catalog No. 1022 p.32
Product No. 39989 AP Photo Guider  Catalog No. 1022 p.32

Product No. 39989 AP Photo Guider  Catalog No. 1022 p.32 
Let's Enjoy Wide-Field Astrophotography
Taking Photos of the Night Sky Has Never Been Easier!

The AP Photo Guider is a versatile star tracker for long exposure astrophotography having
the same precision of the AP mount and the ease of portability.  The AP Photo Guider comes
equipped with the STAR BOOK ONE controller that provides you both accurate tracking for
hours and comfortable operation.

High Precision Tracking
The AP Photo Guider allows you to take pinpoint photos of stars and constellations without guiding corrections for the length of several minutes.  If you have a digital DSLR camera with the AP Photo Guider.

The AP Photo Guider includes the sturdy but lightweight APP-TL130 Tripod, with the complete
system weighing only about 12 lbs., convenient for transporting to a dark location away from
light pollution.

Mount Specifications  AP Photo Guider
Slow motion control    :  wheel and worm gears full circle micro movement by electricity
Quick slewing motion :  Friction stop motion
Wheel gear                  :  73.5mm in diameter, 144-tooth
Worm gear                   :  11mm in diameter, made of brass
R.A. Axis                    :  59mm in diameter, made of aluminum ally
Number of bearings    :  4 pieces
Azimuth adjustment   :  +/-6.5 degrees fine adjustments with twin adjustment screw knobs,
                                       1.4 degrees per rotation
Altitude adjustment    :  0 degrees to 65 degrees with tangent screw with handle, 1.9 degrees
                                       per rotation
Polar alignment scope : 6x20 field of 8 degrees, self-light-off dark field illuminator (8 steps
                                      adjustment), setting accuracy of 3 arc minutes or less, CR2032 battery
Motor Drive                : Pulse (Stepping motor
Tracking                      : High precision tracking with STAR BOOK ONE
Maximum loading wt.:  6 kg (150 kg-cm torque load at a point of 25 cm from the fulcrum)
Cable connecting port : D-SUB 9PIN male plug
Power supply port      :  USB external battery pack (not sold by Vixen)
Electricity consumption :  DC5V 0.2 to 0.5A (1.0-2.5W)
Weight                        :  2.4 kg / 5.28 lb