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Product No.14532 ARTES 10.5x45 DCF (Catalog 1019 p.15)
Product No.14532 ARTES 10.5x45 DCF (Catalog 1019 p.15)

Product No.14532 ARTES 10.5x45 DCF (Catalog 1019 p.15)

The 7-layered "flat multi-coatings" on the objective lens for high light transmission and high reflectivity dielectric coatings on the SK15 subsidiary roof prism produce outstanding sharp image with bright and clear field of view. The oil flipped lens coatings keep dirt away from the outer surfaces of the objective and ocular lenses. The use of magnesium alloy makes the binocular body strong but lightweight. It is Vixen's highest ranked quality binoculars which are particular about its performance in every respect.

Features of ARTES Series

ED (Extra-low dispersion) Glass Lens
Premium ED glass that deliver extremely excellent color fidelity is the heart of the ARTES. The ED objective lens produces outstanding image sharpness.

Flat Multi-Coatings
Vixen's first 7-layred anti-reflection fully multi-coatings on the objective lens deliver flat and optimum light transmission over the whole visible spectrums and produce amazing image clarity and clear filed of view.

Phase Coatings
The phase corrected coatings are employed on the roof prisms. It compensates phase shifts of light rays that are inherent in the roof prism binoculars and delivers high resolution without halation.

High Refractive Index Prisms "SK15" and Dielectric Enhanced Reflective Coatings
With the SK15 prisms, which largely exceed the BaK4 prisms in refractivity, loss of light rays is depressed and image significantly increases brightness from edge to edge. In addition, die electric enhanced reflective coatings on the SK15 prism deliver brighter and clearer image.

Hydrophobic Lens Coatings
The lens surfaces of the objective and ocular are employed with "Oil Flipped" hydrophobic layers. It prevents dirt from sticking on the lens surface and will allow you to easily wipe it if get dirty.

Magnesium Body
Lightweight yet sturdy body made of magnesium alloy is employed.

Flip Objective Lens Covers
The objective lens covers are attached to the front of the objective with a ring band to avoid losing them easily.

Long Eye Relief
RoHS Implemented


Magnification : 10.5×
Effective aperture : 45mm
Prisms : BaK4⁄SK15 (prism of high refractive index)
Actual field of view : 6.0°
Apparent field of view : 57.6°(※)
Field at 1000m : 105m
Exit pupil : 4.3mm
Brightness : 18.5
Eye relief : 15mm
Near focus : About 2.2m
Inter-papillary distance : adjustable between about 56mm and 74mm
Dimension : Height 15.6×Width 13.4×Thickness 5.9cm
Weight : 885g
Accessories : Soft case, Wide strap